Why Me?

I am terrible at self-promotion. Really. I hardly ever carry business cards, I do not market to agents and no matter what I type about my experience, my accreditations or my ethics, it rings hollow because, well, I typed it about myself.

So please, take a minute to read what StructureSmart Clients have to say:

 I am writing to strongly recommend Chad Fabry as a home inspector.
I met Mr. Fabry because I needed to find out what was causing the mold issue in our house. Mr. Fabry’s combination of skill, experience and professionalism is exactly what we had been looking for in a Home Inspector. Additionally, his professional ethics are superb. We are confident he would never misrepresent a problem or mislead any one in any way.   
Nate Zahedi

 I found Chad through his website, and hired him to inspect a townhouse my daughter was buying.   The townhouse had changed hands a couple of times in the past few years, and the seller shared the inspections performed for the previous home buyers.

The document we received from Chad was extremely detailed, and included photos of all problem areas.    Even though this townhouse had been inspected twice since its construction, he discovered numerous issues, particularly with the wiring.  Many of the issues existed since the  house was constructed.   His report was far more detailed, and much better documented than the other reports provided by the seller.

We shared his report with the seller, and negotiated to have most of the issues resolved at the seller’s cost.   Because of the detail of the report, we experienced little push back from the seller, and my daughter was confident moving into her new house with most of the mechanical issues resolved.

I recommend Chad and StructureSmart very highly.

Keith Randich



Your inspection exceeded my expectations.

Your focus on customer service, attention to detail, timely turnaround of the report, and totally professional approach to the process speaks volumes of your skilled and expert commitment to the business of property inspections.

I also very much appreciated you accommodating my somewhat hectic schedule and time line for this purchase.

I did come to an agreement with the seller on a 3% price adjustment, largely based on the information you provided. Now the work to complete the sale lies ahead.

I certainly appreciate your opinion and philosophy on conflicts of interest between the business of inspections and doing repairs or referrals for repairs. I hope to do business with you again soon and consider you in my group of business contacts /friends /advisors.

If you ever need a reference (which I doubt you should) feel free to count me as one of your very satisfied customers.

Zig Kurpiewski


Thanks for everything. Your inspection saved us alot of money. That deal is now dead. if we find something else we will contact you.
Again Thanks for your help.


 Hey Chad,

Thanks so much for the thorough inspection. It was extremely informative and I learned a great deal about different things to look for in the future. The sellers of the townhouse did not want to fix anything I requested so I walked away from the deal with no penalties. Again thank you for opening my eyes and educating me. I am still in the market for a home and will definitely call you when I need the inspection done!

Hope all is well with you too,


 I am writing to offer my opinion on the work done by Chad Fabry, in his role as house inspector during our search for a weekend home.

My husband and I were looking for a home built any time in the 1800’s, and knew we needed to rely on someone with specific skills as we were not capable of doing an in-depth inspection ourselves. We had used Mr. Fabry’s services for a home in April that ultimately we did not purchase based on his recommendations. With a second prospect,  we used an inspector our realtor had used to purchase his own home 20 years earlier, instead of Mr. Fabry, and very quickly found his work to be extremely inferior to what we had been spoiled with. Ultimately we brought in Mr. Fabry not just once more but twice and because of his completely thorough reports, we finally felt comfortable with the third one he inspected.

His reports are considerably detailed and show not only a comprehensive education, but a passion for ensuring the prospective homeowner is aware of every potential problem. His work ethic will not allow him to make any mistakes and he does not become distracted during an inspection. I cannot remember in any recent history of working with someone who actually cares about the job he is doing with such enthusiasm. One gets the impression that if Mr. Fabry didn’t give 110%, he would take himself out of the business.

I am completely confident in his abilities and heartily refer him every chance I get.

Karin Bruton-Winterfeldt


I’ve shown [the report] to a few others (roofers, for instance) and they’ve all commented that it’s the best inspection report they’ve ever seen.
Good work.


 Good morning Chad,

Sorry for not getting back to you before now!  I did end up purchasing the house.  They gave me $6,000 off of the purchase price.  Thank you for your time and thoroughness and I will recommend you if I know someone in need of a home inspection.

Lee Stroyer

 Chad is by far the most thorough, and most professional home inspector I’ve ever met. I appreciated very much his extensive knowledge and experience with older homes, and how he endeavored to understand the story behind the things he saw in my new house. I would recommend him over every other inspector in the business.

Gary Passero

 I have had the unique opportunity of being trained as an inspector by Chad Fabry. I went on to become a NY State certified Structural Trainer. A turn of events took me out of the inspection industry and has me overseeing and training a network of structural contractors across the nation. I refer anyone who asks me, including family, friends and acquaintances, to Chad Fabry because I am totally confident that they will get the most complete, honest inspection available to them in the western NY area. If I purchase another property I will ask him to inspect it for me because I trust him beyond myself.

David Frink

 Chad was an awesome inspector for us.  His thorough inspection was money well spent.  I personally want to know what is both good and bad for my potential next house, and he did just that.  He saved my wife and I from falling into a roofers trap of shoddy workmanship and fraud.  Because of Chad’s meticulous attention to detail, he saved us from moving into a house where we would have had to pay thousands of dollars to put a roof on within a couple of months, not my idea of new home ownership.  I plan on using Chad’s inspection report as a checklist for the updates that are needed. We are now well informed and confident in the purchase of our new home!  Thanks Chad!

Keith and Jill Farrell

 Chad was  extremely responsive to questions that I had before during and after the date of the home inspection.    In addition to his responsiveness, he was very accessible; he  answered the phone each time I called or immediately called me back.   Chad made it very clear that he was happy to  answer as many questions as I had; again, before, during  and after the inspection.       He showed up on time on the date of the appointment and immediately began to inspect the property.   I was very impressed with the amount of time that he  spent inspecting the entire property (close to 4 hours).    He was willing to answer questions that I had during the time of the inspection in a language that I understood.  His report was extremely clear and thorough.  I appreciated that he offered  me the opportunity to review the report and to request consideration of additions or revisions  that he was in agreement with.   The information outlined in the report helped me to make a very well informed decision about the next steps in the home buying process.   I would definitely use Chad in the future and highly recommend him.

Alan Cialdella

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