I have a passion for building science, old houses and doing things right. I believe homes and buildings should be built to a high standard by craftsmen who take pride in their work.

This passion, coupled with my hands-on experience in all the building trades from digging the hole for the footing through the hand-rubbed finish on the custom cabinetry,  my NY State Building, Code Enforcement, and Fire certifications, and my thousands of hours of research all funnel me into the only logical choice for a profession: I’m an independent home and building inspector.

  •  NY State certified me to be an instructor for home inspection licensing and continuing education.
  •  The EPA trusts me to teach contractors, painters, and renovators how to not contaminate your home with lead.
  •  A major manufacturer sends me all over the North East to make sure their photovoltaic systems are installed safely, neatly and code compliant.
  •  Attorneys call me for help in construction defect cases.
  •  Homeowners call me to help them get what they paid for when their contractor delivered sub-standard services.
  •  Landmark and Historical Societies often have me on their itinerary as a speaker or advisor.
  •  FEMA let me help them sort things out after a few massive natural disasters.

I like doing all those things, but I love to inspect houses for buyers to help them make an informed decision based on an objective inspection. If it’s an old house… even better.

Nearly all of my business is referred to me by past clients; I will provide the best possible inspection and report so you too, will feel comfortable recommending me to your family and friends.