What Do We Inspect?

A professional home inspection will cover heating and air conditioning, roofing, flashing details, wiring and the service panel, plumbing, structure and foundation, exterior grading and literally hundreds of other components and systems that make up the average home. Some items, such as doors, windows, lights, and electrical receptacles are examined by inspecting a representative random sampling. Other items, such as roof shingles or siding, are examined as a component to verify their overall condition. Almost every house has its secrets; water intrusion problems, a shower that leaks to a wall cavity, improper footing or foundation support, or maybe a dishwasher that stays in the rinse cycle ad infinitum. The inspection process will identify the secrets and give the client the whole picture about where their hard earned dollars will be going.

StructureSmart will perform a thorough inspection that conforms to, and even exceeds the widely accepted ASHI Standards of Practice. Clients receive an unbiased, comprehensive report that illustrates safety, structural and mechanical concerns.