StructureSmart Home Inspections Inc. is a professional property and home inspection company focusing on the Rochester New York area, but servicing all of Central and Western NY- Ithaca, Geneva, Buffalo, Syracuse and all points between.

My name is Chad Fabry, I own StructureSmart, Inc.

Buying a house is exhilarating. Your family and friends tell you the place is awesome- the schools are great, the grounds are beautiful and the house is a terrific bargain! Your agent loves the choice you made and reinforces your decision when she tells you that you are one savvy buyer!

But, the truth is, your friends do not want to rain on your parade and your agent is picturing herself handing her commission check to the BMW dealer. You need a highly-skilled inspector with no interest in the deal to bring you back to Earth. Just maybe, I will save you from pouring your life’s savings into a bottomless money pit.

Choose your own inspector- the agent is not going to suggest an inspector who will find a lot of things wrong with the house she is trying to sell. It’s important to understand that there are a few categories of inspectors out there:

  • There’s the inspector that the listing agent will suggest- the one with thick glasses and no ladders
  • There’s the buying agent’s inspector (and frequent golf partner)
  • Then, there’s the inspector the agents refer to their family- that’s the inspector you want

I do not market to Real Estate agents; I never have. Nearly all of my business is referred to me by attorneys and from clients who are thrilled with my work – a little bit comes from people like you who find my website.

I am outside the deal. Being on the outside lets me be objective; my only agenda is to inspect the house, analyze it and then tell you the truth in an in-depth, easy-to-understand report.

You already know all the good things about the house- I am the very best at discovering the bad things- the problems that will cost you money or aggravation. Trust me to balance the puffery and to de-code phrases like “this house presents an excellent opportunity for additional insulation”.

If you attend the inspection, you are welcome to walk with me and ask questions. Following the inspection, I will write a detailed, narrative style report (no checklists) that will provide you with the knowledge and tools to make an informed decision.

I promise to work for you, and only you. I promise to inspect your house to the same standard that I would for my children.

StructureSmart – The Home Buyer’s Advocate – Your Advocate!


All inspections performed, meet or exceed New York State requirements.